Extracorporeal Magnetic Stimulation(E.M.S)
Operation Principle
If time-varying magnetic field is induced to electric conductor like metal, eddy current is formed within the electric
conductor by Faraday's law.
Electric conductibility of human body is far lower than highly-conductible materials like metals, but it still has
substantial electricity conductibility.
Accordingly, if the time-varying magnetic field is induced to the body, eddy current will be created within the body like common electric conductor.
BioCon-2000W is a high effective device to be applied various pelvic floor disorders that can relieve SUI(Stress Urinary
Incontinence) by repetitive contraction and relaxation of muscles. Moreover, it enables neurologic function to
normalize to improve symptoms of UUI(Urge Urinary Incontinence).
Intended Use
Helps for treatment of incontinence non-invasively
Belongings must put distance from surface of chair(device) during treatment so that it prevents to be influenced from
powerful magnetic field.

1. Magnetic recording media like a credit card(All recording can be removed)
2. Electric device like a mobile phone, remote controller(It can cause trouble of electric device)
3. Conductor like metal(It can cause burn in patients)