Bladder Scanner
Cordless Probe with Versatile Docking Station
CUBE scan TM BioCon-900 is a hand-held, non-invasive ultrasound device that measures bladder volume quickly and easily. A built-in printer in the docking station enables immediate on-site printing
1. Urine volume 또는 Post-Void Residual(PVR)에 대한 정보로부터 하부요로증상(LUTS)의 진단
2. 외과적 수술 이후 발생할 수도 있는 배뇨장애 증상에 대한 모니터링
3. Retention이 우려되는 환자의 도뇨(Catheterization) 시기 결정
4. Catheter 사용을 최소화함으로써 요로감염(Urinary Tract Infection)을 예방
5. 항콜린성(Anticholinergic) 약물 부작용의 모니터링과 약물 용량의 결정
6. 배뇨훈련 및 자가도뇨(Self-catheterization)교육에 대한 보조
Display 2.4 inch TFT-LCD
Bladder output range Bladder volume range : 0 – 999ml
Accuracy : ±15%, ±15ml (0 – 999ml)
Scan time Approximately 2 seconds
Ultrasound probe Ultrasound frequency : 2MHz, 3.4MHz (Dual)
Scan angle : 120º
Penetration depth : 23cm (Normal patient), 8cm (Children)

Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Nominal voltage : 3.6V
Nominal capacity : 5200mAh
Charging : less than 6 hours
Discharging : Approximately 1500 scans
Charged by the docking station

External interface USB 2.0 basic
Printer Built-in thermal printer in the docking station
(Wireless data transmission by IrDA)
Patient ID input 1D/2D Barcode scan or Image capture
User Interface Icons and 5 buttons
Training Video