Urodynamics Systems
Manufacturer Andromeda medizinische Systeme GmbH Wallbergstr. 5, Taufkirchen Germany
Country of Origin Made in Germany
Certification CE
Safety IEC 601-1:1988 + a1:1991 + a2:1995 VDE750 / VDE751
MDD Class II a
Protection Class I, BF
Humidity Class IPX 0

Helix components
Helix disposables
Helix‘s Components / Modules
1. Helix main unit mounted on stand with wheels
2. Integrated Helix roller pump
3. Helix module for 3 external pressure transducers
4. Integrated Helix volume transducer
5. Helix uroflowmeter with stand, beaker and funnel
6. Helix UPP puller with flexible arm
7. Helix EMG preamplifier
8. Helix interface for connection to Windows PC /Laptop
Helix BlueTooth for wireless connection to Windows PC/ Laptop
Helix module for dome system pressure transducer
Helix Clipper
Helix Integrated Peristaltic Pump
Infusion rate 1 - 100 ml/min, stepless adjustable
precise perfusion rate less than 5 ml/min possible
Accuracy ± 5%
Calibration Menu driven, easy to perform by user
Pump Tube with reflux valve and damping unit, prevents inflow of air in the system and reduces risk of ascendending infections