Operation Principle
The 3D-Mecanical Sector Transducer captures the bladder in 12 sections and calculates the volume of the bladder based on the images.
Intended use
The BioCon-1100 measures bladder volume non-invasively with ultrasound.
Product Specification
* Based on the CUBEscan Phantom
Display Color Touchscreen
10.1 inch (Wide SVGA)
Volume Range 0-999ml
Accuracy : ±7.5ml (0-99ml) ±7.5% (100-999ml)
Scan Time Approximately 2 seconds
Ultrasound Probe

Dual frequency (2.8 MHz, 3.7MHz)
B-mode scan image
Scan angle: 120°
Penetration depth: 23cm

Probe: IPX5 Probe: IPX5
Patient ID input Patient ID input
Interface Wi-Fi Direct Barcode Reader
Printer Built in Thermal Printer
Power Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage: 7.26V Capacity: 5200mAh
Charging time: approximately 4 hours
Approximately 1000 scans available
OS Linux
Training Video